June 4, 2022

Color Assessment Cabinet RJH60-5

Item: Light Box ” Richard James Hilfiger” Brand: Richard James Hilfiger. Model: RJH60-5Interior: Grey 5574Lamp Options: 5 (D65, UV, A, UL35, TL83 OR D50/CWF)
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Orbital Mechanical Shaker RJH

Model: RJH5005 Digital RJH5005 orbital mechanical shaker RPM: 20 ~ 250 RPM/min accurate Stands: 12 stands
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Needle Detector RJH

Digital Needle Detector RJH

Description Model: RJH-990FMD RJH-990FMD needle detector is designed and made with digital and user-friendly technology for the detection of ferrous metals and releasing nonferrous metals, built with the audio signal and visual lamp tower, single head.
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rjh gsm balance

Digital Balance 0.001g to 320g

Description RJH-LSHKJ chemical measure digital balance has a capacity of 0.001g to 320g, as well as a variety of measuring units. It features a glass windshield, a big digit 3, and a double-sized LCD backlight display. It uses a 6V/1.3Ah rechargeable battery and has a 130mm pan.
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